Perjury has become a way of life in the law courts


(Delhi High Court)( 2010 (174) DLT 214)

6.15. It is perhaps the general reluctance, as also noticed by the Hon‘ble Supreme Court in Swaran Singh v. State of Punjab, (2000) 5 SCC 668:

  1.  Perjury has also become a way of life in the law courts. A trial Judge knows that the witness is telling a lie and is going back on his previous statement, yet he does not wish to punish him or even file a complaint against him. He is required to sign the complaint himself which deters him from filing the complaint       .. .. .. .. .. .. that has made the situation reach such levels where pleadings contain false averments and parties make false averments with impunity in the hope that in all probability the opposite party will cough up something, and even if he does not, in the end he will have the last laugh, for a prosecution of perjury, although consciously committed and persisted in, will have a probability of punishment as good as nil. The gain far exceeds the risk.
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